past events

incidental composition/incidental orchestration – October 19, 2014

Sunday, October 19, 2014 at Arraymusic Studio
Marc Couroux—eldritch Priest—John Mark Sherlock—Jason Doell


neither/nor @ 416 Toronto Creative Improvisers Festival

Friday, 4 November, 9:00 at the Tranzac as part of the 416 Toronto Creative Improvisers Festival.


neither/nor @ “S O M E W H E R E T H E R E”

340 Dufferin Street (One block south of Queen)
22 January 2009 new works by:

John Mark Sherlock—Marc Couroux—eldritch Priest—Doug Tielli—Rob Clutton


neither/nor @ “S O M E W H E R E T H E R E”

340 Dufferin Street (One block south of Queen)
16 August 2008 new works by:
John Mark Sherlock—Marc Couroux—eldritch Priest…featuring Heather Roche (clarinet)


The festivettes:


March 29-31 2007
Queen West Arts Centre
100A Ossington Avenue


9-11 December 2005
The Darling Building
96 Spadina Ave. Toronto, ON


December 12-14 2003
Dancemakers Distillery Historic District
55 Mill Street
The Case Goods Warehouse Studio 313
Arraymusic Studio 60 Atlantic Ave. Toronto, ON




16 December 2007
Priest and Sherlock perform “sPangle” Basement corridor The Darling Building, 96 Spadina, Ave. Toronto, ON.


notes to a (pata)meta-text: limning the wonderful

by eldritch Priest An installation of nomadic text-objects and images around/about Smidrove’s estetiku divnosti (the aesthetic of the wonderful).
Saturday 26 April 2003
Gallery Abbey 1702 Quadra st. suite 8,
Victoria, BC.
Smidrove, a Czech group of mostly visual artists whose main activities occurred from about 1955-1966, developed a philosophy of the estetiku divnosti. Designed to drive every situation to its radical end, whereby what is serious/trivial, real/imaginary loose binary certainty, this aesthetic programme incites a play of paradox and mystification that proposes and arouses the conditions for experiencing “the wonderful”.


neither/nor plays Rat-Drifting

August 10, 2002
Priest and Sherlock play Rhodes, Clavinet and Hohner Organa with tape in Sherlock’s 17, 11 and 33.
Martin Arnold writes: “I loved this in June and way too many people didn’t hear it, so here it is again before eldritch splits town for semi-good. Unimaginably rich, slow, dense-textured psychedelia!”


two new works

by John Mark Sherlock
February 13 and 15, 2003, 8pm
presented with Earwitness performed by Eve Egoyan, Linda C. Smith and John Sherlock with grace (for Eve Egoyan to Michael J. Baker) Hammond organ, Rhodes pageant Rhodes, Wurlitzer electric pianos, Clavinet
Edward Day Gallery
33 Hazelton Lane
Toronto, ON.