Below are excerpts from two of our “fesivettes.” (click on song titles for audio)


(failure) March 29-31 2007

Thursday, 29 March

Colin Clark – Where the Honey Is—

Eric km Clark – Mein Schatz—

Rachael Wadham – some more songs: can hardly wait; other men miss; wait, bye?—

Marc Couroux- Carpenters et al., Downey musical holdings, a real-time system as of March 29, 2007

Friday, 30 March

David Ito Chokroun – more anti-matter!!!; more anti-matter!!!—

John Mark Sherlock – Insuficiencia—

Paul Swoger-Ruston – Coming Up For Air

Saturday, 31 March

Eric Chenaux – Old Peculiar—

Doug Tielli – Shift Face—

Josh Thorpe – Gold Foil—

eldritch Priest – the brown study

* * *

obscurity 9-11 December 2005

Friday, December 9

Eric Chenaux – Lovers’ Rock—

Josh Thorpe – Agree With Wave—

eldritch Priest- the crepuscular—

Doug Tielli – lie rant peel nut sky blow wow—

Saturday, December 10

David Ito Chokroun – Apthsmthb—

Marc Couroux – In C(arpenters)

John Mark Sherlock – salvage and wrecking—

Sunday, December 11

Colin Clark – Hillier, Beamsville and Harrow—

Mike KaneDisassembly—

Rachael Wadham – Songs for My Love from the Cold Side of Hell’s Kitchen—

eldritch Priest – clinamen (or ‘swerve’)—

Eric km Clark – Orsher in Stalingrad—